27 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids This Or Any Weekend


1. Build a fort (inside or out)
2. Have a tea party. This is a great opportunity to teach your children about manners. Get out the cloth napkins, teacups and saucers. Your kids will be thrilled to have “real tea”, just make sure you choose decaf. A little honey and milk will make it palatable and some cookies on a fancy plate will round out your party nicely. Perhaps you can discuss the royal wedding?
3. Get your kids involved in something charitable such as shopping for food bank donations.
4. Go swimming. Check the hours of the local indoor pool online. If you have a lazy Sunday ahead of you, go for a long swim, shower, blow dry, and then put the kids right into pyjamas. Head home for a pizza and pyjama party.
5. Go to the library. Before you go, ask your kids about what kinds of things they are interested in. Write down a few ideas before you leave the house. Stock up on fiction and non-fiction books, then snuggle up in your favorite reading spots. Kids never get too old for you to read to them.
6. Build a bird feeder
7. Go camping (either outside, or put up your tent in your basement or living room, or try making one out of bed sheets.)
8. Indoor snowball races. All you need is a one straw and one cotton ball per person. Mark a line on a table as the start and one as the finish. Have one adult announce the start, then each person must blow their snowball to the finish using their straw and lung power. First one to the finish line wins.
9. Get creative with sculpting dough or clay.
10. Spend a morning or afternoon at home baking. Fill the freezer with healthy oatmeal, carrot or blueberry muffins you can pack in their lunches. Bake a banana bread for dessert tonight, in fact, bake two — one to eat and one for the freezer.
11. Get ready for birthdays. If you have family or friends with birthdays coming up, go shopping for their gift this weekend. Wrap the gift in white or unbleached poster paper and allow your kids to decorate it with markers, paint, glue, glitter, shapes, sequins, pom-poms, anything! And, they can create the card too.
12. Go to the zoo. Remember, the animals are more active when the weather is coolest.
13. Go bowling.
14. Go ice skating or roller skating.
15. Play a board game or a game of cards such as Go Fish, or Old Maid.
16. Make some play dates with friends.
17. Have a scavenger hunt.
18. Get messy with paints.
19. Teach your children how to do something.
20. Plant some grass seed in a pot. As it grows, they can cut it using scissors.
21. When the weather is pleasant, head outside to wash your car together.
22. Have a fancy dinner. Allow the kids to choose their special outfits. Put on a table cloth, candles and dim the lights. This is another great time to talk about manners.
23. Have a spa night with candles, foot soaks and foot massages (even if you’re not into nailpoish.) How about a face mask?
24. Look at baby pictures, of the kids or of the parents. Show them what Grandma looked like when she was young.
25. Visit your local farmer’s market.
26. Go to an indoor play gym.
27. Check the newspaper for upcoming local festivals, concerts, fairs, and events.